Biogas Americas 2024 Roundup

Now that Biogas Americas has wrapped up for another year, we wanted to take the opportunity to provide a roundup of the event, our experience and why Biogas Americas continues to be such a fantastic part of our annual events calendar. We asked Nadeem Raja, our Senior Consultant in the space, to give us his thoughts following the event:

Myself and colleague Iain Watson made the trip to Savannah last month as we attended Biogas Americas 2024. It was our first time in the South and we absolutely loved it, to the point we’ve both agreed we’ll have to go back at some point.

This was our second time attending the Biogas Americas conference after Chicago last year – a trip that proved to be both successful from a professional perspective and a fantastic opportunity to meet with both clients and peers in the RNG space.

The convention centre in Savannah was the perfect location and it’s no surprise that the record for the number of attendees was broken once again.

On our first day, we booked into our hotel just across the river – an ideal location that was close to the city and just a short ride from the convention centre. After some breakfast at the highly-recommended ‘Goose Feathers’ and some site-seeing – including Chippawa Square which is famous for appearing in Forrest Gump – we headed over to the convention centre for registration.

The team at the American Biogas Council did a great job and made the process very easy, meaning we were soon inside and bumping into some familiar faces including Janis, David, Chris, Mark and Kev who, like ourselves, are building businesses in this fantastic market.

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The second day started with us on ‘tornado watch’ but thankfully, we only saw a bit of rain – not unusual for those of us used to working in Scotland. Later on we had a great night at the Marriott Hotel for some drinks with clients and meetings with new people. It might sound a bit cheesy but the more you attend these events across the industry, the more you begin to feel like one larger community. It was a great night and a fantastic official start to our Savannah trip. 

Our third day brought with it the start to the main event! We had a few early meetings with clients in the morning before heading to the convention to catch the keynote speeches. They were all fantastic – particularly the speech by Patrick, which provided great insights into the growth of the industry.

While we all have our challenges – whether that’s developers, EPCs, owners, operators or recruiters – we can all agree that the US RNG industry has huge potential. The stalls were set out nicely and it was great to walk around the event space meeting the hundreds of businesses that attended. Once the day had wrapped up, we were also able to enjoy some of the Savannah nightlife.

On our fourth day, we were fortunate enough to attend a client meeting at Hilton Head Island which was stunning. We enjoyed dinner at the Harbour Town Pier, finished off with some dolphin watching and the opportunity to enjoy the sunset – a perfect ending to a great trip.

Overall, this was a great trip and a great event. We’d like to take the time to thank all of our clients and contacts who provided us with their time as well as Patrick and the team at American Biogas Council for organising another fantastic conference – we’re looking forward to Denver 2025! 

So why did we attend the event? As most people will now know, we are RNG recruitment specialists who are based in the UK but solely recruit in the North American RNG market. Biogas Americas offers us the opportunity to meet with many of our clients for some much needed facetime. But it is also an opportunity to see, in-person, the development and potential of the industry.

With new technologies and businesses entering the market each year, it’s great to see ongoing collaboration and businesses working together – even businesses who may be competitors come together as they look to play a part in driving this industry forward.

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