Why Work in the Solar Power Industry?

Solar energy remains one of the most popular forms of alternative, renewable energy and is increasingly overtaking coal, gas and oil as a primary way of powering our homes.

This same popularity is also reflected in the solar industry itself, which has employed more people than the oil, coal and gas industries combined since 2016.

As the industry continues to grow, so do the opportunities for starting a career in solar energy. Whether you already work in energy and you’re looking to transfer to a new field or you’re considering a full career change, below we explain why you should consider working in solar power. 

Why Consider Solar Power Jobs?

Here are several reasons to consider finding a solar power job and how you can use it to form an entirely new career:

Jobs in Solar Energy Offer Limitless Potential 

As the concept of sustainability continues to grow in popularity and importance, the potential for a long-term career in solar energy grows with it.

Advancements in solar technology and the people required to either maintain it or implement it means that roles will continue to be available for a long time in the future.

At the time of writing, solar energy is the fastest-growing renewable sector and over 12.7 million people work in the renewable energy sector worldwide. 

This is good news for someone that is looking for a long-term career in a specialised field, with the potential to work across a broad and varied sector.

While some roles in the field require expert knowledge, such as solar panel installers or engineers, there are also supporting roles in sales and marketing that are vital to making the operation work.

For someone that already works in energy or has transferable knowledge, there’s a huge opportunity to cement a career path in a field that will only grow in popularity.

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Higher Salaries in Solar Energy Jobs

Starting wages in the solar energy sector are higher compared to numerous other industries, with the average salary sitting at around £40,000 according to multiple salary calculators.

With so much room for building experience and skills, there’s also plenty of potential for your pay to increase at the same time.

This is particularly true for expert professionals such as photovoltaic installers, electricians, energy engineers and consultants, who can start to command higher salaries as they improve their skill set. 

Exceptional Opportunity for a Career Change

Not all career paths have the same level of viability and room for growth as technology experiences advancements. This is particularly true in the energy sector, where a gradual shift to renewable and clean energy is currently taking place.

For individuals seeking a career change, especially in the energy sector, the solar industry has plenty to offer in terms of salary and career opportunities.

If someone is seeking a more specialised role that makes use of technical knowledge and understanding, the energy sector is an exceptional industry to expand your specialisation and make money at the same time.

If you’re looking for a role in the solar energy industry, we have vacancies with major employers appear on our vacancies page here.

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