How to Get a Job in the Energy Sector

The modern world revolves around energy. From the cars we drive and the way we power our homes to advancements in technology that change how we live, energy is a core aspect of everyday living.

This means that jobs in the energy sector represent a stable and often lucrative career path.

Below, we explore how to get a job in the energy sector.

How to Get a Job in the Energy Sector

The energy sector is one of the fastest growing job markets, with a number of different avenues that can help you start on your career path. Here are some ways you can start finding a job in energy:

Think green

While there are plenty of energy roles that exist around sectors such as oil and gas, you might want to consider a career in renewable energy. There are now more jobs in renewable energy than in oil, gas and coal combined and two renewable energy markets – solar and wind – include the fastest growing roles.

When you’re identifying potential roles in the energy sector, you might research how you can become a wind turbine technician, solar panel installer or electric vehicle engineer.

Take the time to read through the roles, look at the skills and qualifications you might need and what you need to consider when applying for a role such as this.

Remember that renewable energy sources are widely considered to be the future of the energy sector, which could provide better job security and higher ceilings for growth going forward.

Leverage your network

As with any career path, a huge part of finding a role in the energy sector is networking. Think about joining an organisation or professional body that represents energy employees while you’re building your skill set. These professional bodies can often introduce you to new roles and opportunities that you may not have known about or even considered.

Likewise, utilise social media where you can. Building a social network of contacts across the energy industry may help you discover and apply for roles going forward – giving you better odds of successfully forging a career in the energy sector.

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Build experience and skills

Something that is common within any energy industry role is the importance of having the right technical skill set and experience. Positions within the sector tend to be heavily skill based and require specialist knowledge. This means if you’re looking for a role in the sector, you need to take the time to build out your understanding of what the role entails.

While it’s perfectly viable to change your chosen career path and start working in the energy industry, remember that its typically a field that requires the relevant qualifications and technical understanding before you make the switch.

Consider upskilling

If you already work in the energy sector but you want to make a switch to a new role, you might consider upskill opportunities. Upskilling is the concept of learning new techniques or concepts that can help you perform more demanding roles, without having to drastically change your career path.

In some cases, local governments and professional bodies are providing funds or paid opportunities for upskilling, which may help you develop a more diverse skill set. This can be a good alternative if you find that your sector is moving towards fields such as renewable energy and your current role may become obsolete.

Identify transferable skills

When you’re looking to find a role in the energy industry, whether you work in it already or not, a great place to start is with your transferable skills. Transferable skills are the ‘soft skills’ that can apply to multiple different roles or industries and are not specific to one career.

In the energy industry, for example, you may think about skills such as project management, building effective workflows and critical thinking. All of these skills can help you develop a career in energy, even though that might not be where you initially developed them.

If you can demonstrate that during your application, you put yourself in a better place to earn a role in the energy sector.

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