Chris Russell

Consultant (RNG/Biogas)

Chris joined as part of the AD Energy Recruitment team to his keen eye for talent within the RNG/Biogas sector within the USA and Canada. His focus is primarily on construction and field service vacancies within industry. Chris has become a valuable resource for businesses looking to build their teams with top-quality professionals using a headhunt approach. 

Chris is known for his excellent communication and relationship-building skills. He understands the nuances of the RNG/Biogas sector and can quickly identify candidates who, not only have the necessary skills and experience, but also fit seamlessly into the team culture.

His work has helped numerous businesses grow and achieve their goals by bringing on the best talent in the industry. Chris’s passion for the biogas sector is evident in the way he approaches his work.

He is constantly keeping abreast of industry trends and the latest developments, which allows him to stay current and provide his clients with the best possible advice.