5 Personal Statement Examples You Can Use

A personal statement is a key element of the application process and something that is important to get right when you’re looking to provide an exceptional first impression. Writing a personal statement can be overwhelming at first but if you need help, we have a range of personal statement examples you can start using to write your own. Below is 7 personal statement examples that you can use, covering a range of different applications, industries and sectors.

How to Use a Personal Statement Example

Before we look at the various personal statement examples we have available, consider how you can use them effectively. It’s important to identify the reasoning for creating a personal statement and how they differ depending on your own experiences, qualifications and abilities. An engaging personal statement requires work and attention to detail, especially if you’re looking to create a statement unique to you. The ideal personal statement should talk about your particular achievements and skills, all of which are relevant to the position that you’re applying for.

5 Personal Statement Examples:

Your personal statement always differs depending on what you’re applying for. A personal statement for a marketing job will differ from a personal statement for a finance role, for example. Similarly, if you’re applying for an internship, an educational institution or a course, your personal statement will change. Below are 5 personal statement examples that you can use to write your own: 

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1. Personal Statement Example for a Marketing Professional

“I am a senior marketing executive with extensive experience in email marketing and PPC. With a degree in Marketing and six years of experience in the marketing sector, I have a deep understanding of Google Adwords and email platforms such as Mailchimp and Dotdigital.

My skills in PPC have helped me develop a PPC campaign from the ground up for my current company, a campaign that currently delivers over 300 leads a month with a qualification rate of 30%. I’m seeking a role as a PPC Manager at your company as I feel I have the skills to improve your PPC campaigns and help you achieve your revenue generation targets over the next five years.”

2. Personal Statement Example for a Finance Professional

“After completing a degree in Statistics at university, I’ve gone on to work in the financial sector as a Financial Analyst. The analytical skills I developed during my education, as well as the technical skills I’ve learned in my current role, have helped me to increase the effectiveness of our forecasting and resulted in a 15% increase in client profits.

I’ve consistently proven my ability to work under pressure and utilise critical thinking to improve our overall optimisation. I am currently seeking a role as a Lead Financial Analyst at a larger firm to further my own career development.”

3. Personal Statement Example for an Internship

“I’m writing to you to ask that you consider me for your internship position within your accountancy team. I’m currently studying Economics at university and I’m forecasted to pass with a First-Class Honours degree.

I want to join your company over the summer to learn more about the industry and the processes involved in a busy, high-level accountancy firm. My most recent essay covered advanced concepts such as the Bertrand model and I want to earn practical, real-world experience to go alongside my theoretical learning.”

4. Personal Statement Example for University

“Hi, my name is John and I’d like to be considered for your postgraduate Broadcast Journalism course. After completing an undergraduate course in Journalism with a 2:1, I’m looking to expand my knowledge in video and radio broadcasting.

Over the course of my bachelor’s degree, I specialised in filming video broadcasts and enjoyed sourcing new stories to create news packages. The nature of my course meant I was constantly working to tight deadlines while also completing my academic work, which I feel has prepared me well for a more pressurised, time-intensive postgraduate course.”

5. Personal Statement Example for a Volunteer Position

“I’d like to apply to be a volunteer at the London Arts Festival. I want to expand my experiences in a working environment and I have a strong interest in music, art and theatre.

I’m a hard-working, motivated and passionate individual that is looking to build a career in event management, which I feel the voluntary experience at your event can help with. I’m open to any of the positions you have available and would love to work as part of a larger events team.”

How to Create an Attention-Grabbing Personal Statement

The best way to create an attention-grabbing personal statement is to be unique, thorough, concise and factual. You want to be as engaging as possible without being overly descriptive or using cliche phrases. 

There are fundamental elements that you have to cover, including your qualifications, skills and achievements, which you can support by including statistics or real-world experiences. Once you’ve engaged the reader, you can go into more detail within the rest of the CV, utilising both the qualifications and skills section.

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