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Solar Energy

New solar capacity rose 50% in 2016, reaching more than 76 Giggawatts, compared to 50 GW in 2015. There is now 305 GW of solar power capacity Globally. Recent studies show that Germany has more than 1.7 Million Solar systems owned by citizens. Sources suggest that by 2050 the country plans to generate 80% of electricity from solar energy.

Wind Energy

In 2016 $112.5 Billion was invested in Wind Power Globally, making it one of the fastest growing industrial segments in the World. A single wind turbine can have up to 8000 components, and can power up to 600 homes. 520,000 is the number of people expected to be employed by the wind industry in 2020.

Oil & Gas

IHS estimate there to be 175 Billion barrels of potentially recoverable oil. Deloitte and PWC respectively estimate that 41% of Oil CEO’s plan to increase headcount and the Global estimated CAPEX budget within Oil is estimated to be $400 Billion USD in 2017.

Nuclear Power

There are circa 450 large commercial nuclear reactors in operation today, with 60 more being built and 160 planned. The energy produced by one ton of natural uranium is so dense that it equals the energy produced by the burning of 16,000 tons of coal or 80,000 barrels of oil.


There will be 200 Million smart metering installations by 2020, which equates to 80% of homes in Europe.

The UK’s gas pipes could wrap around Earth over 4 times. The piping network, is 171,000 miles long.15 Trillion watts of power being used across the planet at any time, which equates to powering 10 billion light bulbs at once.

Energy Storage

According to market research firm IHS, the energy storage market is set to “explode” to an annual installation size of 6 gigawatts (GW) in 2017 and over 40 GW by 2022 — from an initial base of only 0.34 GW installed in 2012 and 2013.

Electric Vehicle

By 2019 the size of the Global Electric vehicle market is estimated to be $271 Billion. In an electric vehicle, up to 80% of the energy in a battery is transferred directly to power the car, compared to c20% of the energy from fuel powered cars.

Tramsmission and Distribution

In Europe there is estimated to be over 400 billion Euros of distribution network investment by 2020. There are currently 10 million km of power cables across Europe, which would get you to the moon and back 13 times.

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